Elliptical trainer for home

To purchase an elliptical trainer for the home – good out of the situation when professional work is all day and to carve out a piece for your own body becomes a problem. This device will help improve your body. not making trips to the gym.

A device that combines the best qualities of most cardiovascular machines, instantly won popularity among sports enthusiasts and fitness. So in the 80-ies was invented and gradually improved to the present day “Orbitrek”. People, establishing a trainer at home, acquired a device that replaced the

majority of classic equipment like an exercise bike or a treadmill.

Advantages of simulators for home

When you exercise on the elliptical trainer at home, there are exercises that mimic human actions in the real world: a simple walk up a flight of stairs, Cycling, skiing.

The load on the body is primarily aerobic. It quickens the heartbeat and pulse trains of the respiratory and cardiovascular system, increases metabolism that goes to reducing excess body mass. Unlike other simulators, the ellipsoid also gives substantial work and muscles: legs, back, and hips. the abdominals, buttocks, arms. It affects the increase of muscles and pulling shapes.


The ellipsoids according to the method of actuation are divided into three types:

The simplest mechanism is a mechanical simulator. The man himself is “pushing” him applying mechanical force of his muscles. A trainer unpretentious place and the conditions of operation can easily be moved around the house through its lightness and compactness, and does not require a power source. The lack of a large noise during the lesson on it, and the lack of smoothness through the unevenly distributed load creates unnecessary impact on the knees. The advantage is the low price available to everyone, as this exercise equipment of last generation.

“Ellipticals” with magnetic mechanism, due to its qualities climb one step higher mechanical. Buying this elliptical trainer for home, you can do fitness in silence due to smoothness. Instead of legs the load is applied magnets, moving on the flywheel, you distribute it. Regulation load allows you to brake smoothly at the completion of exercise that protects the joints from sudden shocks. Such simulators do not differ too cumbersome and a great price as mechanical, but create a much better level of comfort for fitness classes.

Ellipsoids with electromagnetic braking mechanism. The load is set on the computer and not depend on the strength of the pedal. Usually on such machines it is possible to accurately set the parameters of the exercise and control, while looking at the screen, the state of his body and some of the information (calories burned, repetitions, and also the distance traveled). The computer also sets the training program, such as the simulation of lifting the mountain on foot, or enhanced training of the cardiovascular system. The sensors, which are mounted on the extremities, sold with the product. The degree of the silence rises one level, and resistance to wear.

What to pay attention

Before you buy elliptical trainer for the home it is important to decide how much time will be dedicated to fitness.

The novice is involved from time to time, fit a simple simulator, a small size, manually adjustable load. For a more seasoned in the sport person to strenuously and regularly engage in “Elliptical” for the highest level, with a reinforced frame, with fine adjustment levers, and preferably with exact configuration of the computer load.

During the inspection device, it is important to look at the length of the base, which affects the radius of rotation of the pedals and comfort when training. Also the drive in the simulator can be front or rear, slightly affect the posture and trajectory of movements of the one who does. On front-wheel simulator human posture straight. RWD – in position, as when running. To choose the better tasting of the two, which is more comfortable and suitable for growth.

Being near the favourite of the ellipsoid in the store, you can try or ask on account of some qualities. Trying to twist the foot pedal, checked the smoothness of movement and direction of travel – forward and backward. Does it have a screen control to check the workout schedule and set the intensity.

Another good idea, if the control panel is not very bulky and easy to use. Before going to the sporting goods store, you can take measurements of the site, which will house the simulator. On sale is a very large variety of devices with different dimensions. The modern design helps them fit into any interior.

Elliptical trainer – a device for fitness classes and sports activities for all family members. Especially a trainer suited to elderly people through his “thrift” to the joints and spine. When load increase gives a signal to the muscles to increase. And with a small – energize or work at an increased rate to prevent loss of several pounds of weight.

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