Exercise to choose the house

The unequivocal answer to the question, what exercise is better, does not exist. They are, simply, different. In this article, we consider exclusively the so-called cardio coaching cardiovascular system, and designed to make your figure slim and toned.

To as cardio or fitness trainers, automatically added treadmills, stationary bikes and that has become so popular today, elliptical trainers. In addition, there is another, less popular kind: the Steppers.

So, treadmills. The best and only option for runners and not liking bad weather. In addition to the stadium, of course. But we choose the simulator for the home. Buyers electric treadmills are often interested in the level of noise they produce during operation. However, treadmills that are most often bought for the house, are not as powerful a motor as a professional model and those that are installed in fitness clubs. The most noise, of course, produces the track at maximum speed, which, for Amateur models, usually limited to 16 km/h. At a minimum the same modes, only heard a slight buzz.

With regards to the concerns of their neighbors below, it all depends on running technique, presence of shock on the body and legs of the simulator and, of course, the quality of the floors. Standard method of soundproofing in this case — the acquisition of a special rubber Mat and rubber.

All the differences treadmills, ultimately, boil down to such parameters as the width and the length of a cloth, electric motor power and speed, he is able to give a canvas, the possibilities of e-filling, as well as the ways of changing the angle of the incline and the magnitude of the angle.

The angle simulates running uphill. There are low-end models (at the moment, we consider only electric track), the design of which does not provide for changing the angle of inclination of the surfaces as well as the following price models, where the angle is changed manually and has only two or three positions. Accordingly, to change it, you must stop the exercise and raise the canvas to do the appropriate adjustments. On the more expensive models, the angle of elevation is adjustable, and its adjustable — by pressing the appropriate buttons on the console or the touch screen. Also, it can adjust automatically, several times per minute, together with the change of speed, matching the workout program you chose. The greatest angle of elevation, of course, present on the Pro models.

Computer filling occurs from the simplest, showing the mileage, speed and heart rate, to the fancy, where in addition to the many built-in programs and functions, there is a possibility of integration with other devices.

For serious sports fans, in this case, running, to choose a treadmill with chest pulse sensor, because many models have only the sensors on the handrails. In the case that the pulse will be read continuously, the computer will be able to build a complete picture of your training. The narrative on the benefits of running is not provided the format of this article, therefore, will move on to the next species fitness equipment: exercise bikes.

It is worth to pay attention to the maximum weight of the user who is willing to withstand, without consequences of non-warranty, the selected bike. The simplest exercise bikes are not connected to the 220V, the computer is powered by AA batteries, and magnetic system, loading the flywheel and transmission pedal force, is controlled by a mechanical rotary knob on «steering» the pipe and has no more than ten load levels. Smoothness of the pedals (cranks) and large functionality, such techniques expect, of course, is not necessary, however, as a warm-up apparatus, they may well be used.

More «adults» and the top-end, professional models can, also, not be powered from the network, but have a built-in generator, which, after a few seconds after the start of operation, begins to feed the electromagnetic capacity control system and a computer console.

Among the bikes, there is such a subtype, as a horizontal or recumbent exercise bikes. Designs of this type, always more expensive than their vertical counterparts of the same level. Significant advantages of similar design — a little less stress on the back and the lack of pressure on the groin.

Directly on the cost of the bikes affected by system loading conditions, load levels, a variety of computer programs and, of course, the build quality. The model of the middle and upper levels, often referred to as Bicycle Ergometers, they are able to provide intelligent training system, taking readings from the heart rate sensors and comparing them with the data that you hammer into the computer’s memory. With this, you will always be able to find out the effectiveness of the training, the power in Watts and many other data.

Of course, ardent fans of Cycling, hold their sessions on special machines or spinbike — sports and types of exercise bike that provides athletic fit, adjusted to the millimeter. But, as aerobic assistant for burning excess fat, strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, cardio and maintain overall body tone, exercise bikes and Ergometers, are a compelling option.

Due to the fact that all the stationary bikes provide the load only on the lower part of the body, for fitness training and to build a slim and toned figure, most popular now enjoy Ellipticals.

By the way, is deservedly popular. Just look at training on the ellipsoid of person that would immediately understand that the work he is involved in almost all groups of muscles. However, a more or less normal load and range of motion, elliptical trainers provide, with a step of 45 cm. Step — this is the maximum longitudinal distance between the pedals and consequently feet. This is one of the main parameters of any elliptical trainer.

The following option — is the mass of the flywheel and its location. Flywheel mass can be inertial and own. Inertial mass, respectively, two times above their own, and sometimes it is presented as basic, so, check. Flywheel mass directly affects the smoothness. The location of it — it is, also, one of the important selection criteria.

Typically, the ellipsoids with a rear flywheel, create upon rotation of the ellipse with a larger minor radius, and the pedals are placed at a greater angle relative to the plane of the floor. This leads to the fact that the work of the legs, in such constructions, more like Jogging technique. While the pedal «FWD» simulators generate, during rotation, the flatter the ellipse. Of course, all this is very concerning.

There are models with a Central flywheel. They are compact, but sin light weight flywheel and a large Q-factor: the distance between the pedals, so they are difficult to recommend to people with little growth. Actually, the most natural, in physiological terms, movements, may provide an elliptical trainer with the lowest Q-factor.

Like bicycles, among ellipsoids can be found and elliptical Ergometers. By analogy, these devices are able to control the specified user training on specific physical parameters. A huge plus of any elliptical trainer — this is an opportunity to redistribute the load between the legs and shoulder girdle.

The Steppers. Not the most popular form of fitness trainers, because it easily replaces any stair or a low stool. However, many professional athletes spend their warm-up, and the whole workout, and the cost of some models, such as, for example, Matrix C7XE, close to one million rubles. In this case, you will have a computerized escalator from the underground, right at home.

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